Monday, August 1, 2011

Growing Up.

I was driving to the gym today when I realized I really am growing up. This whole season of my life is making me change in so many ways and while it is challenging I know it is shaping me into a better person. 1 year ago I was not making decisions for myself and didn't even know how to. Having a child really makes you realize what is important and it makes you the craziest most protective person in the world. I have said and done things to protect my son and myself in the last 3 months that I never had the guts to before. I am happy to say that I have taken the situation I made for myself and I am honestly learning from it. I am growing up faster than most people my age and while at some times I wish I wasn't.. I realize God is going to use this for something much bigger than me. And besides that, I am learning who I am. I am learning what I do and do not deserve. I don't think it matters so much what your life looks like to others or even to yourself, I think what matters is how you handle it. If you have a crappy attitude, you will always have a crappy life. If you make the most of something, you will learn to be content and truly happy. True joy comes from above, and I am learning to soak in it daily. My situation is not ideal, but I will make the most of it! I will learn, and I will teach my child about it one day. So thankful tonight, and truly feeling blessed. I think people really should learn to be proud of yourself when you accomplish something or learn something.. God has revealed so much to me and honestly I am proud of myself for taking it as the truth it is. Some people do not deserve to be in your life.. and that's that.