Thursday, January 6, 2011

Chapter 2: Other People

What nobody ever tells you about being pregnant and other people knowing is:

1. People who never talked to you a day in your life will begin talking to you.
I can't even tell you how many people have started a friendship with me (or tried to) since they found out Jeremy and I were going to have a baby together. Some days this is frustrating and kind of a nuisance. I refuse to be some story for people to tell. I know that a lot of people in the world will just get involved for a short amount of time because they want to be "in the know" and talk to people about the situation. And some people find that it's a lot harder to relate to me now that I'm pregnant... this takes us to number 2
2. It becomes harder to keep friendships with people who haven't been in your place.
I still love all of my friends so so much and I would never want to make them feel neglected (if I have I am truly sorry) but it is so difficult to maintain the friendships simply because they do not understand. This is nothing against them or anything that is their fault and I always put that in the front of my mind. It's just that nobody understands the pressure, the stress, the hormones, the planning, the love, the frustration, the joy, the pain, the tiredness, the sickness, the thoughts, or anything else that you experience while your a pregnant teenager unless they have experienced it themselves. This takes us to number 3...
3. You find yourself relating to people with children more.
I have found that some of the random people I never talked to before have a lot of advice and know a lot about where I'm coming from. These are some of the people I will probably be keeping in contact with (when there is free time) because it is really important to have some support from people who know what it is like while you are going through it. If I didn't have these people to call on when I am having a major meltdown who can calm me down and explain things to me in a way that puts it all in perspective, I would be in a straight jacket. Speaking of straight jackets the other thing that makes me go nuts is, well... number 4
4. People will touch you, a lot.
Some people I really don't mind touching my tummy but I have a few thoughts on this. Pregnancy is not all glamour and glitz, there are some days you don't even want people to look at you much less TOUCH you. Therefore it is always best to ask permission to rub all up on someones baby bump. Also, if you barely know the person you probably shouldn't even ask. And if your a guy (there probably aren't any even reading this) don't touch please, it's kind of creepy. Unless your family. (:

Catch you guys next time


  1. Love all of what you said! Very true! I lost a lot of friends when i got pregnant before i got married some simply bc they just couldn't understand - your life will never be the same and people who haven't been there really just don't know how to relate sometimes! Stay strong girl you will do great! and you will LOVE being a mommy! Its the best!
    as for those touchy feely people tell dont be afraid to rub them right back! ha! That drove me nuts the most!
    Prayn for you and jeremy!!!

  2. Trust me i'm not one of these people that is just sticking around to be "in the know." I do know how scary it is not knowing what is going to happen...and being just completely terrified of whats to come and feeling like no one really gets you. I'm always here if you have questions or need to talk. You know that:)