Monday, December 26, 2016

The Reset

It's almost a new year so with that comes new year resolutions. I was given a challenge to choose a word that I feel God wants to use in my life this next year, but when I asked him i heard a few. 

Surrender, Consistency, Growth. 

When I think and meditate on these words a lot of things go through my mind. They all kind of work together. 

Surrender: cease resistance to an enemy or opponent and submit to their authority.
Abandon oneself entirely to is another definition of the word. 

Consistency: the achievement of a level of performance that does not vary greatly in quality over time.

Growth: the process of developing or maturing physically, mentally, or spiritually.

These three words like I previously said definitely all intertwine. 

I know God has already been working on me to have a heart of surrender because there are so many situations in my life right now that i can choose to have anxiety over because I can't do anything about them, or I can surrender them to the one who can and be at peace. He wants me to daily surrender to Him. Surrender my short term goals which are sometimes hourly and also as far as my yearly goals. I know that the more of it I trust him with and hand over the more of Him i will see in them. That's what we want right? To see more of God at work in our lives... whether it looks like a tragedy or looks like a victory. If he's working we must have faith that the outcome will be good because God is good and everything he does is for our benefit. So, surrender it. All of it. 

Consistency. One of the hardest things to do as a human! But in order to be consistent i know it will first come out of surrender. Surrendering my goals and dreams and situations and finances and relationships will then give me the power to follow through because I am not relying on myself to do them. I am relying on Gods strength to help me make good eating decisions. I am relying on Gods strength to help me say no to myself when I want to spend money that i don't have at the time. I will have the strength to keep my mouth shut when I want to cuss someone out for being less competent than I feel that I am (what, too honest?). I will have the will power to make it to the gym even when I am tired. I will be strengthened by God to make sure I keep my priorities straight and in order. Will this surrender mean I will do everything perfectly? Will it automatically make me consistent? Definitely not. But I know if I don't surrender these things the chances of me being successful in consistency go way down. I'm a human so i'm inclined to fail... but God never fails. The more you rely on Him to strengthen you the less you're going to find yourself screwing up. This is how I plan on being more consistent. 

And finally, growth. When you are pursuing God and asking him to challenge you, he will. Growth is hard... and so is surrender, and so is consistency. But I didn't come to this life to stay where I was placed. I came to experience all that God has created for me to experience. I want to learn. I want to be educated. I want to be open minded and I want to be grounded in the word. I want to be challenged by others and by myself. I want every day to pass with a new lesson learned or a new revelation of who I am in Christ. I want to feel God has empowered me to accomplish one thing everyday that has moved me toward him and his calling on my life. I want to make someone feel his love and see his grace. I never ever want to become complacent or content with where I am at. Should there be a balance between being thankful and wanting more? Absolutely. If you are going somewhere, you're getting nowhere. If you are not growing, you're shrinking. If you don't water your grass, it will eventually die. In the same way if you don't pursue your dreams, nourish your relationships with people and yourself, talk with God, learn, work your muscles... they all start to wither and dissipate. I don't know about you but that's the last thing I want to feel about my life. 

I plan to surrender everything so I can be consistent in all areas and grow to my fullest potential. 

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