Saturday, July 23, 2011

Being in limbo

Its really not the place anyone wants to be. Stuck in limbo.

I am at such an inbetween place in life right now. In-between being a free teenager and getting pregnant... Then between being pregnant and being a mom. Not to mention going from high school to hair school and now about to be out in the real world working! Oh and don't forget being in a care free relationship and it turning into planning a family then all of a sudden non-existent! That wasnt a shocker or anything haha. Anyway all of that happened in the past year and while it has been an extremely hard year I am glad THAT year is OVER!!! Yes I am still waiting on the new season to begin but I know it is coming soon, I can just feel it. While there are still hard days I know that God is there to help me through them all and catch any tears that I need to cry. So thankful to have the family that I have who teaches me responsibility and at the same time loves me even when I screw things up. Just remember you can never screw something up so bad that God can't bring you to the other side. Mercy is bigger than you (: please be encouraged! Limbo doesn't last forever... Just wait. You'll see!

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