Monday, July 18, 2011


Most people are scared to go there, but I'm not one of those. That place where nothing is hidden. Where your whole heart, mind, and soul are truthful and open. People these days do everything they can to hide what the truly feel. In the process of this we find ourselves lost and confused. We lose ourselves and our identities. God never intended for us to be this way. He wants us to be upfront and honest with Him. He doesn't hold your feelings, emotions, and thoughts against you. He wants to hear your heart. For so long I have kept quiet about things I have went through because of other people, but I won't do it any longer. I won't expose things that weren't meant to be exposed, but I also will not withhold advice to people who are going through so much of what I went through. I realize I am a 19 year old girl who really hasn't lived through a whole lot but I know that what I have lived through is meant to help other people.

For the person who has been or is being verbally abused:
No matter what your abuser told you, you ARE worth something. Yes, you can find another man. Yes, you are a BEAUTIFUL person created exactly how you were meant to. You look exactly like you were supposed to. You are intelligent...brilliant actually! You are NOT stupid and you are NOT those explicit words. You have true value. You are more than sexual pleasure. You are loved deeply and affectionately. Your soul is like a wildflower. You are not the problem, or the solution. Your abuser will not be fixed by you, and you are not responsible for the things they say or do to you. You can be free from this. You were meant to be told how special you are. You were meant to be held on to. First seek after the Lord in all of these things, and then one day you will be so satisfied in Him that you will feel whole again. This wholeness does not come from man, but it comes by the spirit. Your broken heart will be healed, I promise. I am living proof that each day it will get better. You will move on and not only will you move on but you will thrive and prosper. Not only in love but in your job, school, motherhood, friendship, music, writing, dancing, singing, blog writing, cooking, fishing, whatever it is that you do. You will succeed, and you will be amazing. Take the first step towards freedom today. RUN.

For the person who lost someone close to them due to evil on earth:
God did not take them from you. He would never do something that would hurt you, he can't. That murderer was under the influence of Satan, not God. This person is no longer here and it hurts. Be aware of your emotions and feel them. Feel them as hard as you can. Run to God and tell him of your pain and anger. Be verbal and honest. God will not be mad at you for being mad or upset. He wants to hear your heart and make it new again. He can and he WILL make it new again. Our God is bigger than any pain we could ever imagine. CRY your heart out to him. Get vulnerable and real. Tell him how unjust it was for this person to be taken away from you. You should always let him know that you don't agree with what happened and that you need serious help getting past it. Don't forget to tell him how weak it makes you feel to not be able to do a thing about your family hurting the way that they are. He understands the pain you feel when your friend or family member seems as if all they are is a story on the 10:00 news or newspaper. He thinks it's ridiculous that you have to keep a funeral private so reporters don't come. HE UNDERSTANDS YOUR EMOTIONS and he wants to put your heart back together. Do not take this out on God, take it out on who is truly responsible. Is God a murderer, or a giver of life? If your mad, curse Satan and praise God. God is putting his mighty healing hands on you right now, accept his help. Embrace it.

To the single mother:
I recently heard a song by Steven Curtis Chapman called "Do Everything" and it really hit home to me. He talks about picking up toys day after day, picking up socks, sweeping, with a baby on your hips. And we wonder, what does this amount to? He says it matters. We are called to do everything we do for the Glory of God. We were given the responsibility of our children. We are called to love them and raise them to love the Lord and love his people. When your sitting at home and feel lonely or feel worthless remember that you have been entrusted with one of His children! He puts so much value on you that he trusted you with his baby! And you are not alone. There are millions of other single moms around the world who are going through the same things. You may feel as if you will never find love, but you will. That man who truly cares about you more than himself, he is there. In this season just search yourself and search God. Find that security in Him and trust him like he has trusted you with your child. Turn on Joyce Meyer, and get encouraged. Read Proverbs 31 and know what God says about you. Listen to the song "Lead Me" by Sanctus Real and pray for that kind of man for you and your kid(s). You are amazing and you are doing an amazing job! Now get in the word, get in church, get into God and you will be joyful. Remember who made you and what he made you to do. Love will come. Not only for you but also for your kid(s).

Don't be shy if you need someone to talk to. I'm here.

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  1. Bethany, I know we BARELY know each other, but I enjoyed this post.... and I admire your courage.